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Again, More Good News from Here! A New (more than a) Restaurant for RYI

Again, More Good News from Here!!!
A New (more than a) Restaurant for RYI

 It is so beautiful to see the splendid aspirations of the masters becoming reality before our eyes. Even more beautiful and profoundly moving is to see how they skillfully nurture and irrigate in us seeds of pure love and dedication to the benefit of the other.

Recently, during the 38th Annual Seminar of Rangjung Yeshe Institute – which had more than six hundred and fifty participants, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche invited everyone to have lunch with him in the new space of RYI!

Rinpoche said that he had the aspiration to have a space to connect many people from international Sangha, students, RYI’s staff, and people that come to stay close to the RYI’s activities. That this place could have the qualities of being relaxing and spacious, where people could have a warm integration, having tasty and healthy vegetarian food. Besides that, he had the aspiration that the new place would inspire everyone to spend time together in a precious Sangha’s environment.

When Rinpoche arrived that the place with all of us, he externalized a lot of happiness and a contagious smile, he said to those responsible for this project:
You are creating what I have imagined it to be like. What I dreamed it will look like, that’s how it looks!!!! You materialized what I dreamed… I don’t know how this happened, but it is true!!! All of you, professionals, monks, workers, you all made my dream real. –  Rinpoche gave a big laugh and said again that it was really how he was imagining, and then what they made was the same.
The “new restaurant” will be much more than a place to enjoy a good food and strengthen friendships; actually, it has a meditation room, a research room, a library, a beautiful and delicate garden, all made from a simple, harmonious, and spacious architecture. It was constructed in a way that it will grow according to the new projects to be implemented.
Thus, in the name of all the RYI students and all the disciples of Rinpoche, I express, from the bottom of my heart, thanks to all those who have dedicated their lives to make materially visible all the aspirations of the masters of great accomplishment and compassion, such as Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche.
Especially our deep gratitude to:
Greg Whiteside – in memorian: Inspirator;
Peter Oudshoorn: Architect;
Steven Cook: Electrics;
Buchung Lama: Manager;
Lopon Shedrub Gyamtso: Communication;
Lungtok: Materials, and
All the Nepali Teams, that offered their joy and talent to make this project a reality.
~ Jigme Choedzin from Brazil