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A Fulfilling Experience

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A Fulfilling Experience
It is said that the Stupa at Boudhanath, Kathmandu, has the power of fulfilling all the wishes and aspirations one makes in front of it. However, for me the mere fact of living here, next to the stupa, somehow represents already an accomplishment of my wishes of having a meaningful life. Here, the environment is pervaded by the spiritual life of the people, with their gestures and expressions. For instance, every single day there are hundreds of people circumambulating the stupa. People from all over the world join together in venerating this holy place. Some of them come from foreign countries excited about seeing this monument for the first time; some others arrive walking from the Himalayas, after a long pilgrimage, just to see the Stupa once in their lives; others spend the whole day doing prostrations in front or around the Stupa; and even others just want to live nearby to be blessed every day. Not only that, but also the whole area has plenty of activities related to spiritual practices. One day, one may get the chance to witness an intensive ritual around the stupa, with inspiring sounds and beautiful melodies; another day one may get the chance to attend some teachings by a very knowledgeable teacher; on yet another occasion, one may get the chance to do an intensive meditation retreat; and even sometimes one has the good fortune of spending a few years studying Buddhism in depth. This is such an inspiring situation for me — the meeting of a great diversity with a common core of spiritual aspirations. How could this precious situation not be already a fulfillment of my wishes?

~Maite from Spain

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