Dharma Tibetan Buddhist Master

Precious Dharma Teaching

For those are in search of dharma teachings, Nepal is the right place to be.  Since this land is an ancient Buddhist country, various teachings from different Buddhist traditions are still preserved well. The most influential is Tibetan Buddhism and wherever one goes in Nepal, one will see monks and nuns from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The masters from that lineage are kind and easily accessible. One will encounter the precious teachings being given to the public without any charge almost everyday around the Boudhanath Stupa.  Importantly, most of those who give teachings are very experienced and always ready to bestow blessings to anyone. They attract not only local Tibetan and Nepalese but also thousand people from the west and other part of the east.

Regarding the masters, Tsonyi Rinpoche is a great example of a master from the Tibetan tradition.  His teaching which took place a few days ago was one of most penetrating teachings I have ever had. His words were very lucid and succinct, yet eloquent. In term of context the teaching was simple and easy to comprehend. At the same time, the teaching was very rational and profound regarding the meaning. It is as down to earth as the fundamental teaching of the venerable Buddha. He gave clear guidance on abandoning any expectation for engagement and at same time not to give up living a live. This means that we should not have any hope for the outcome of whatever activity we perform, but we should perform this kind of activity. This is essential point of the entire teachings of the Buddha.  

Finally, his method of training in such profound teachings is so consistent and easy to apply for all kinds of people. Therefore, I feel lucky to be in Nepal and encounter such masters.  

~Champa from Tibet