An Ode to a Lost Sailor

Hello how you doin?
He asked
Gulping on useless space
Spinning in circles he stood
In his abiding place.
And while he stood
We began to lose.
Where do we go now?
Asked the little fellow
Standing by my knee,
Also there were those
Who asked
how much the fee?
Above all, and below too, this is a mysterious situation, pertaining to the logic which fits in the wave as some distorted colour. But nevertheless, mystery lives 2 floors above masks’ rented “selves and shelves”!! They said the elevator is blocked these days as there is no oil. So we use the stairs, simple. But mystery’s roommate happens to be fear. Someone told me that too, I haven’t been up there. She is beautiful though, that I know. Mystery spends much more time with her these days. You know what love could do.
But from love I digress
Back to protons and neutrons
(The heart of this matter)
Back to our sailor whose cosmic ship
Took a dip
And came up disturbed
Asking Who and Why
and you want to fly?
Flying is simple when you don’t mind the physics, he said. But the mind minds until you are high and certainly uncertain about the location of the cat and the sailor himself.
Not here
Not not here
Like a steam locomotive
On Indian railway’s track
There’s no question
About coming back.
And any middle
Of the whole
Is also not in the middle
rather beyond
so, he said once and for all
follow me not
Follow never
for you have eyes
which sees
Not that
Which is seen ..
~Sagnik from India 

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