Excellent Opportunity for Lay Students

As we all know, there are very few places for lay students to observe, understand and experience the monastic way of study and practice, which is a sublime way to study Buddhism to intensify insight, advance spirituality and develop simplicity. The Center for Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yeshe Institute is one among those places.

The monastic way of study differs in many respects from the secular way of study. The monastic way of study let us to reach at vast and profound teaching of the Buddha. The authentic understanding of such vastness and profundity of the Buddha’s teaching is possible only after our enrollment in the place like RYI. We can hear the difference between those two ways of study from someone, although hearing lacks efficacy to distinct them rationally and meaningfully. We cannot observe and experience what really goes on in the monastic way of study without being in a monastery. To be really able to observe, experience and distinguish the monastic way of study our enrollment in places like RYI is necessary.

As being a traditional Buddhist monk studying at RYI for few years, I have witnessed how lay students are benefiting themselves by their direct observance and experience in the beautiful sanctuary of the monastic way of study. They extremely appreciate their time in RYI and the excellent opportunity to intensify insight, spirituality and simplicity via the monastic way of study. They feel such privilege as something that is unlikely to be gained again in the future.

You can come and have a look whereby you can check my words whether they are true or false. I can surely say that you will feel much better than what I described if you are at RYI even briefly.

~ Karma from Nepal

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