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Shedra Futsal Group

Normally socializing can be a bit difficult especially when we are new students. However, joining in Shedra Futsal Group made my social life easy and fun. 

Every semester, we RYI students make up teams and play together in an Arena. For me, Shedra Futsal Group became the bridge to connect with others shedra students and teachers of RYI. 
It is coherent that there are many benefits of playing soccer. It increases our aerobic capacity, lowers body fat, increases bone strength and improves cardiovascular health and so on. These are just few health benefits of playing soccer. 
On top of that, there are many social benefits by engaging in soccer group. 

Personally, this is the best thing that I always look forward on Friday. The wonderful thing is that I get to burn my unwanted fats and most importantly, I get to socialize with other students, teachers besides my class mates. 

What I really like about Shedra Futsal Group is they encourage female player to join their group. Therefore, there is at least a female player in a team, which is amazing.

~Lhakpa from Nepal

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