Bodhicaryāvatāra Phakchok Rinopche Refuge

What a realization can do…

While studying at RYI I learned from the beginning that there is a big difference between understanding something and realizing something. Understanding can help, but realizing a fact that one was already persuaded about before can give a whole new perspective to everything. Even if it’s only a tiny realization. This came to me while […]

Higher Buddhist Studies Larung Institute Serthar Tibet

Visit to Serthar and the Larung Institute

Before the start of the summer intensive, I had the great fortune to spend time in Yunnan and Sichuan. These two provinces include much of eastern Kham and bits of Amdo. So I was able to visit Tibetan areas such as Gyalthang, Dechen, Lithang, Dardo, Minyak, among others. However, one of the most special places […]

dependent origination Dharma Mipham Rinpoche Study transformation

Joyful application

It is semester break for the students of the study programs at Rangjung Yeshe Institute. Being a BA student myself, I enjoy the open schedule after an intense period of study while completing the fall semester. Now, the many practice opportunities here in Boudha easily fill my schedule yet again! However, I find delight in […]