Drubchen Nagi Gompa Nuns Retreat

Ngakso Drubchen at Nagi Gompa

Every year, starting on the 8th day of the 12th lunar month in the Tibetan calendar—which usually falls in late January or early February—a nine-day ‘drubchen’ is performed at Nagi Gompa according to the Ngakso (Ocean of Amrita) sadhana belonging to the Chökling Tersar collection. These are the new terma texts discovered by the tertön, […]

Newari Patan Statue

Newari Statue-Making Tradition

Last year, I was looking for a Guru Rinpoche statue to present to my lama and that’s how I discovered about the complicated work of statue making. There is a long tradition of handicraft in Kathmandu valley. The Newar people are the holder of this tradition, even though nowadays, it tends to be villagers from […]