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Pharping – My favorite Place in Nepal

Monastery in Pharping in the midst of mustard field
I’ve been a student at the Shedra for two years now.  In that time, I have been surprised by how quickly we can integrate what we learned into our lives. The Tibetan language comes naturally here. When class ends, I go out with my Tibetan friends, and we head to the tea shop.

There’s nothing like sweet tea, spicy potatoes, and great company!!!

Things like this happen every day.  After only a few months here, I was part of the Bodhanath village where everyone knows everyone.  My constant contact with local Tibetans has done wonders for my ability to learn Tibetan. The Shedra exists in a perfect place to support its students’ learning.

That said, sometimes I want to escape the small town of Boudha.
That’s when I head for my favorite place in Nepal, Pharping or Yanglesho as the Tibetans call it. It is an hour and a half by bus from the Shedra.  Pharping is the sacred place where Guru Rinpoche stayed in retreat. Following in his footsteps, most of the realized masters also came there.  When I go to Pharping, I feel like I have journeyed two hundred years into the past and am surrounded by holiness. I always go to pay homage to Guru Rinpoche in the Asura cave where Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche has his retreat center with a beautiful view of the Kathmandu valley. I love to practice in a place where I am surrounded by fellow practitioners and the atmosphere of realization.

Most of the weekends and holidays, I will go to Pharping. If you join the Shedra, don’t  forget to go to Pharping and feel the presence of Guru Rinpoche.
~ Gregory from Mauritius

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