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After arriving in Kathmandu late summer 2009 to begin my studies at Rangjung Yeshe Institute up until this day quite a lot of events have taken place – externally as well as internally. 

Just the fact that one is now living in a country among people with a completely different culture, different habits and so forth from what one might be used to, might trigger one or two weak spots in a westerner and can be quite challenging. But, as much as it can be challenging it is definitely equally fascinating to observe what is going on around one-self and not to mention within one-self.   
By looking back at my time here in Boudha and at RYI, I’m really grateful to all the teachers that have helped me (and sometimes pushed me) in my understanding of the sometimes complex ideas regarding the Buddhist philosophy. My teachers that have very generously offered their time in helping me progress in the Tibetan language which definitely requires time and effort. 

But most of all, I’m immensely grateful towards all the students, staff, teachers, and friends which whom I have had the opportunity to spend time with over these three years. Theoretical studies are beneficial, but without incorporating these theories into our daily life they merely stay theoretical. 

So I feel that it is in the moments we spend with one-another – sharing ideas, experiences, difficulties etc. that really can help us progress in our understanding of what takes place around and within us. Being in an environment like Boudha and RYI has really opened up a platform for having the opportunity to listen, share and connect with other persons on a heart to heart level.

~ Dhonyö from Sweden

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