Living the Extraordinary 

Leila Francischelli, a TTP student from Brazil

As the semester approached its end, fatigue and a sense of overwhelm became a challenge for many, and conversation with classmates often revolved around such topics. Throughout the term so much effort has been made and sustained, teachers, students, staff, everyone worked hard, and we have been so fortunate in many aspects. There have been frustrations as well, of course, both in the personal level and general sphere, but while those are to be addressed, maintaining the awe of an appreciative attitude seems like a helpful way to manage stress and reestablish the motivation for what lies ahead.  

While searching for something else on the web, this short video of RYI popped on my screen and without a single word – it is a sequence of images that speak for themselves – highlighted the feeling of “extraordinaries” about being in Nepal and studying at RYI. With the overload of class demands and daily pressures one can end up a bit shortsighted and fall into a seemingly “ordinariness”, this was a nice reminder and inspiration to reinvigorate the encouragement and spark all this so much deserves. May all the greatness of this opportunity and the merit of our efforts be for the benefit of all and may we all be full of energy to keep joyfully persevering in this extraordinary journey! 

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