Old Path, New Generation

Trung Nguyen, a BA student at RYI from Vietnam

I have been a Buddhist monk for seven years. Following the Buddha’s enlightened Path, I try my best on my practices and studies for the benefit of all sentient beings. I was born in a countryside in the southern part of Vietnam where Buddhism was not really developed. Luckily, after I graduated from my high school, I went to my university in Ho Chi Minh city, where I got to know more about ‘What the true Buddhism is,’ and where I had a ‘great approach’ with my Great Master Most Venerable Thich Minh Chau (who was a Buddhist practitioner, an educator, a scholar, and a translator). With huge admiration and curiosity on His Path, and what He had dedicated to the Vietnamese Buddhism and education, I decided to follow His spiritual journey. After graduation from my Finance and Banking university, I went back to His root monastery (祥雲寺) in Hue city—the central part of Vietnam which is considered as the original foundation of Vietnamese Buddhism, and dedicated my life to become a Buddhist monk there.  

Now I am in the third year of BA at Rangjung Yeshe Institute. I am very happy that this year I can come to Nepal and study on campus. It was so touching for me to meet all of my Professors, Instructors and friends after two years studying online. At the moment, I am more focused on Classical Languages (Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chinese) and Academic Buddhist Studies (both traditional and modern approaches).  I am very happy that RYI offers such great education on both classical language and Buddhist Studies. I will try my best for my studies at RYI for the rest of my time in BA. Particularly, I will try my best for my spiritual Path follow the Buddha’s teachings and follow my Great Master journey for the development of the Buddhist Education. I know that it is still a very long journey for me, but be more patient and diligent for it. Anyway, I think “Peace is every step” and “the enlightenment is not a destination but the whole path.” 

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  1. very touched reading this!

    very happy that he became a monk for 7 years and is so dedicated to the study of Buddhism

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