Good bye for now!

Looking back in time, when I first joined RYI in 2017, I remember surrendering myself to what these four years would bring. I was at a very vulnerable stage of my life at that point in time. I was questioning my life journey and had countless doubts about my capabilities. At that moment, stepping into this course became my only rescue.   These past four years in RYI has taught […]


Operative Philosophy

I have been introduced recently to the concept of “operative philosophy”, which stands opposite to “speculative philosophy”. Operative philosophy refers to an approach wherein the thinker tries to bring philosophy into one’s own experience. Speculative philosophy, on the contrary, consists of a bare reflection devoid of personal experience on the matter reflected upon. In my view, there is a colossal gap between these two approaches. While the first approach is meaningful, the second resembles a dry dessert. […]