Buddha-dharma Buddhist ethics

Buddha Dharma.

It is not about being creative of new knowledge, 
It is about being appreciative of precious knowledge. 

It is not about ascending to a higher realm, 
It is about descending from a mountain of ego. 

It is not about taking everything available, 
It is about giving anything available. 

It is not about being culturally critical, 
It is about being humanly caring. 

It is not about being externally attractive, 
It is about being internally compassionate. 

It is not about collecting uncountable information, 
It is about letting go off all the preconception. 

It is not about tracing a historical background, 
It is about applying the wisdom in person. 

It is not about enjoying all the human rights, 
It is about having good human discipline. 

It is not about making a life for future, 
It is about living in the present moment. 

It is not about making oneself powerful, 
It is about serving fellow sentient beings. 

Gosaikunda trip

It is not about being verbally expressive, 
It is about being internally understanding. 

It is not about knowing how much you can gain, 
It is about knowing how much you can lose. 

It is not about counting your merits, 
It is about counting your breath. 

It is not about expanding life expectancy, 
It is about learning how to manage death. 

It is not about sitting on a high throne, 
It is about sitting alone by yourself humbly. 

It is not about practicing the mindfulness, 
It is about practicing the non-duality. 

It is not about learning of cultural norm of a society, 
It is about learning of the chemistry of mental states. 

It is not about having a guru working for you, 
It is about having a guru you surrender to. 

It is not about seeing everything of outer world, 
It is about seeing everything of inner mind. 

It is not about earning a professorship, 
it is about earning a bodhisattva-ship. 

It is not about knowing a profound philosophy, 
It is about experiencing an inexpressible bliss. 

~ Champa Lhundrup  

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