Dharma obstacle

Obstacles on the Path

“It is only natural that various obstacles and hurdles occur in the spreading of the True Dharma’s rule. However, to overcome or ward off these Dharma-opposing elements while remaining true in mind, body and speech is another personal dharma and duty of each of the sanghas.” 

As various hurdles arise in my path, born from the fruition of the seeds of my own past actions, I find myself taking solace in these words uttered by my Guru.

Three and a half years ago when the bud of the Dharma’s flower began to sprout in my heart, immense motivation arose in me with regard to seeking liberation from the sorrows of the world. But with the passage of time, as the reality of the difficulties of the path began to be more visible, and the need to replace motivation with discipline took form, the various hurdles that had arisen seemed to overcome me, a naïve traveler on the path, and as such the budding flower was prevented from blossoming. Blinded by ever growing despair, unable to scale the tall wall that loomed over me, my faith and determination grew ever weaker. My reasons for coming to study at R.Y.I were all but forgotten, and indulgence in the world’s fleeting pleasures was given priority. However, as the year comes to an end, I have been
fortunate enough to begin to come back to my senses and once again begin to orient my mind towards the melody of the pure Dharma. That the Dharma may saturate my very being is my current wish. Where my path shall lead me from here on out is beyond my capacity to know, but so be it, the journey goes on.

~Wesley from Kenia