Boudhanath Pashupatinath Swayambhunath

Leaving Kathmandu

I had been studying and living in Bodhanath (Kathmandu) for the last 5 years, benefiting from a unique environment to study and practice Buddhism. 
couple of months ago, as my classes were finished and my family was waiting for me in Europe, I had to leave half of my heart in this incredible place and move back to old familiar Europe. 

As I was preparing for this transition, I was so touched by the warmth of the Rangjung Yeshe Institute community – my professors, fellow students and close friends. It is extraordinary to have shared these years with so many brilliant and warm-hearted scholars and practitioners of all origins and ages. In this little neighborhood, it is impossible to walk home without meeting a few friends on the way. In this holy place of Bodhanath, we are constantly suffused with the blessings of the gigantic stupa and the numerous authentic monastic institutions that have developed there. 

In our dear institute, the knowledge and kindness of the monastery’s abbot, monks and teachers is continuously fueling our studies. The last years were also rich in creative exchanges; as there are many poets and artist in the community, we had regular gatherings were the magic of this unpredictable city led us to extraordinary places and precious moments. 

I will miss the the full moon concerts in Pashupatinat, the Jazz Festival in Autumn, getting a glimpse of the sunset in Swayambu, meeting my sweet girlfriends in one of these charming brunch places, being covered with flowers for Newari new year, listening to a latin Jazz guitar player around the stupa, roasted beans from the street sellers, catching sight of the snow mountains after the mansoon, and so many more charming aspects of life in Kathmandu, my second home.

Chloé from Belgium