Listening, reflecting and meditating

I found each and every activity that is done at here in Rangjung Yeshe Institute to be extremely awesome. From my personal way of understanding, sincerely, it is a place where the profundity and the vastness of sublime dharma is introduced reflectively and genuinely. Here, there is the excellent opportunity to taste the nectar of the teachings of the Buddha in the modes of listening, reflecting and meditating which are the genuine way to follow the Buddha dharma for the achievement of ultimate goal.

            Being a monk and having trained in a traditional way, there is no other place where I can pursue my bachelor’s degree which is accepted world wide and comparable with other universities. And I am a monk, there are some problem of paying tuition fees, and so forth. However, I solved many of my hardships and troubles due to having received funding from the South Asian Himalayan Scholarship Program. I am extremely satisfied to pursue my study here and feel fortunate to have this excellent opportunity to study with local and international students; a rare experience for me.  As I understand RYI, it is not just especially for monastics, nor just for lay people, it is especial for each and everyone of us who are interested and seeking the wisdom to eliminate the darkness of ignorance. For this reason it is unique and extraordinary.

Therefore, I do sincerely recommend, encourage and welcome to RYI all of you and who are in search of institutional place where the sublime Buddha dharma is introduced genuinely.
~Karma Namgyal from Mustang, Nepal

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