Boudhanath Student life

The Great Stupa

Kora around the great stupa tends to end our evenings. Less people and noise inspires a sense of sincerity difficult to cultivate during the day. 
As a student of Rangjung Yeshe Institute, our days are quite busy, and the focus is on study and reflection. The early bedtimes of residential Boudhanath makes it easy to set aside one method of progressing along the path for another. I have found such appreciation and practicality in this great stupa of ours. Lucky to have the opportunity to study at an institute that has an appreciation for the unity of study and practice, I make aspirations to understand and engage in the day’s lesson. 

Coming from Bhutan, the blessings and places of power that are spread throughout my country are said to be limitless. Yet, here, I am fortunate in that I am studying and contemplating the teachings, and am motivated by more than just the transformative power of this historic place. 

My fellow students and teachers encourage a rich level of interest in investigating and engaging with the Dharma. Meeting many lamas and them giving us small advice but very useful ones  really makes my stay and my spiritual 
journey great. 
All the practitioners and Rinpoches whom ever we came across always advice us to make use of the stupa. They always encourage us to go circumbulate the stupa. It is believed that innumerable amount of merit will be gained and whatever aspirations we make, there is no doubt that it won’t be fulfilled.

~ Dechen from Bhutan

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