Shedra Futsal begins!


As is tradition, many of us RYI students are again participating in the Shedra Futsal championship. This time we have a league format, with 6 teams, and 6 players per team, thus allowing for substitutions during the game. Last Friday was our first round of games, the level is high, and all teams are designed to be equally balanced…. My team lost by just 2 goals and the other games were also very close!

Before any official competition began, just three years ago, a few of us would get together to play in free open spaces of low quality, and sometimes local kids would join our informal games. Then one friend found out about a good Futsal pitch nearby, and the Student Society organized a short championship, including a prize for the winner: a bookstore voucher for each of the players of the winning team. Since then, a championship has taken place at least once a year, and more and more students have joined. Two new Futsal pitches are also available, and they are very impressive. Here in Nepal one would not expect such quality of facilities but here they are, three great Futsal pitches at walking distance from Boudha. So why should we miss the chance to get to play?

Moreover, this year the two best teams will get a lunch at the Hyatt! Looks like a very attractive  prize, but it is merely symbolic considering we’ll play 10 games each. The league is basically a nice opportunity to do some sport, to get to know each other better, and to have fun!

~ Julio from Spain

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