Shedra Uttaratantra

Shedra Experience

Last semester I took four courses namely: Uttaratantra 202, Buddhist Scripture 204, Buddhist Epistemology 303 and Philosophy 306. I like all the courses which I am attending at the current. Being able to study at RYI let me achieve the fusion of cognition and knowledge. It brings flexibility to deal with people of various countries, family backgrounds, cultures and traditions of different background.

The discourses which I achieved in Shedra encourage me to strive hard for the ultimate happiness. Studying in this program has convinced me that it is the best and the most meaningful work for this life time and the all life times. Being a Tibetan woman I feel that it is very fortunate to be able to study here. Normally Tibetan women put sincere effort in earning samsaric livelihood rather then engaging in shedra study. It is very rare opportunity. I am grateful for this fortunate merit.
Apparently these days many people are dying with various conditions. Sometimes they die in an early age with a level of comfort however the misfortune is that they die without any dharma knowledge which looks so dry and a waste of this precious birth. Currently I am completely satisfied with my decision to do Buddhist studies here. Thus I am focusing only on study and not working to make money. My study is going well and I am trying my best to transform the literal knowledge to be use in practical life. Not like before, these days as the time past by when I do any mistakes or give rise to any improper concepts and attitudes, my mental state have become more clear and  tell me to change errors into knowledge. Thus I found that taming one’s mind is the bliss and best gift of this Buddhist studies.

Currently, I am on the way to build conceptual construction wisdom via listening, studying, reflecting and practice. Gradually I am looking forward to feel and experience non-conceptual primordial wisdom.
In the Tathāgatagarbha Sūtra, as Lord Maitreya said that the supreme element, Buddha nature is pervaded within all sentient beings without any partiality. As myself being a very ordinary being, I am on the way to rub the stains. Currently I am filled with self-cherishing, ego-clinging and many other stains.   

Studying Buddhist philosophy at RYI helps me understand the logical reasoning and an ultimate authentic wisdom of the truth and reality. I experienced that studying Buddhism possess the pure quality to help both self and others. It helps to free everyone from suffering of ignorance. I would say the words of Buddha are not only sounds and letters but a true reality and liberation for everyone. I am happy to meet with this meritorious opportunity to accumulate his profound teaching here at this present time.
I rejoice to participate in the ritual activities held by Ka-nying and Shechen monasteries in Boudha. Buddhism talks a lot about faith. I trust that these ritual activities and transference of aspirations can tame the mind of all the sentient beings and connect with the true teaching of buddha and practice it in practical life to attain liberation.

~SONAM  from Nepal

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