Anniversary Bodhicaryāvatāra Boudhanath

First-year class 2008

Bodhicaryavatara class 2008 (happy people)

Reunion 2013 (still happy)

In September 2008 assembled a motley group of people from all around world in Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche’s shrine room for a welcome reception. We had all made the excellent decision to come to Nepal to do the BA in Buddhist studies here at RYI. Although we did not know each other I sensed at that time a certain spirit of companionship in the room that would increase over the coming months and years. 

More than five years later a good number of those people came together for a joyful reunion in the restaurant ‘Flavors’ (now moved to a different place and prices more than tripled). We talked about the good old times that have changed into good new times and we drank a lot of hot water against the cold.

Mark your calendar for our 10-year anniversary in November 2018 to celebrate at Boudhanath!

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