Accumulating Merit for All Sake of Sentient Beings

Studying Buddhism in Rangjung Yeshe Institute is a great opportunity for us to cleanse our adventitious defilement, which we have accumulated since beginningless time via our three doors (speech, mind and body).

These Dharma teachings turn any of our mistaken directions towards the virtuous path and pacify all our unwholesome or impure activities within our daily life.
Every single morning before we start our classes our  teachers (Khenpos or Lopons) remind us to maintain our pure motivations and conduct while we listen to the Dharma teaching. We are doing virtuous activities while learning these Dharma texts. For that reason we should consider that we are practicing the most precious Buddhadharma to benefit all sentiment beings from all over the world with our pure motivation. We are not studying only for our individual benefit or just for fun.

Therefore we have been doing virtuous actions and thinking virtuous thought every single day in order to accumulate our merit for the liberation of all sentient beings from the suffering of Samsara (cyclic existence) and transform them into Nirvana (cessation of all birth, death,aging and illness).

Likewise although usually we are so happy when we have a long holiday without class in worldly school, I really missed our Dharma lessons during the winter holiday. I was in a hurry to start the Dharma teachings as soon as possible. It is a very interesting and enjoyable course and I am really reducing my unwholesome and improving my wholesome habitual tendencies and so forth!

However unfortunately, again we are reaching our summer holiday. It is so fast it’s almost unbelievable; like the blink of an eye. Our life span is becoming shorter with ever moment. It is said: ‘Through every moment of time, our lives approach their end.’ There is no free time to waste our life so we must value our precious human life. We must practice Buddha Dharma for the liberation of all sentient beings’ lives, from any sort of suffering from cyclic existence. We must transcend them beyond any unwholesome circumstances with the great purity of our motivation.

Thus, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche taught us during the last Winter Seminar. Whenever I feel lazy about my practice I recollect his holy words and give tireless energy with both my mental and physical body. I hope that there are not any unpleasant obstacles in my life, which prevent me attending the most precious Dharma teaching for the coming semester
so that I can continue to benefit all sentient beings!

~Kajod Wangmo from Tibet

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