Shedra Study

Learning in the Buddhist environment

Spending years in the school, I was roughly introduced about my own culture and religion by my teachers and elders. But still there were a lot of things that I didn’t know about Buddhism. Hence, after the completion of class 12, I took the opportunity to follow my interest and under the recommendation from one of my relatives, I came here to study at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute.

Being part of the Shedra community for the last one year was truly enriching and experiencing moment. And I really have the feeling that learning in the Buddhist environment is the most innovative way for a Buddhist beginner to study. There is a natural flow of curiosity when the environment itself helps us to generate more seeds of encouragement to work harder. I have met different kinds of people in this course of time. They all are so nice and supportive. Every day in the Shedra was great joy learning and discussing with friends and teachers. Exploring thoughts and sharing suggestions with friends broadened my horizon of understanding the Tibetan Buddhism.

Buddhism teaches us a lot about how to tame one’s mind and how to generate equal compassion towards all sentient beings. It is helpful for us to understand the true existence of our mind and to think about others being same as yourself. At the same time it also assist us in eliminating the afflictive emotions which are the root cause for our suffering.  Most of our actions lead us to suffering, until the very last minute of our life. 
Therefore, I share the view that our mind has to be free from all those negative afflictions. 

~Tenzin Choezom  (Ex T.C.V School)

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