Virtual Learning


School closures due to the pandemic brought unparalleled disruptions to the education sector. As the countries faced outbreaks, almost overnight classrooms closed to prevent the rapid transmission. Staying home became a new normal, forcing students to turn to alternative sources to continue their education. Now, amidst a global pandemic, many colleges and universities are ramping […]


From bearing with online classes to enjoying them

When classes moved online in the mid of the Semester around March 23, I faced them with a sense of “powering through.” When the summer program moved online, I thought, “It’s only two months.” I didn’t take too seriously my classmates’ concerns that the Fall Semester might also be online. Fast forward a few months and both the following Fall and Spring […]

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Training as interpreter amidst a global pandemic

I was already resigned to not see much of the sunshine this year, not because my clairvoyance detected the challenging year that the entire world had ahead, but because I decided to join the Translator Training Program and I knew that it was going to demand all my time and energy.   But before going into the experience of training as an interpreter through an online platform, I need to take a […]