The Magical Simplicity 

-Luoxi Yang from China

It is such a magical experience. Buddhist study is magical.  

For example, the more I study, the more I learn how to let go of study.  

The more I tried to explore Dharma via logic and reasonings, the more I learned how to explore Dharma by feeling my own truth, by exploring the inner emotional reality. The more I rely on the dharma expressed in the form of complex languages and extensive scriptures, the more I yearn for the real thing, the real dharmata, dharmadhātu, dharmakaya, the supreme simplicity. The more I seek from outside, the more I learn to look within.  

The more I rely on conceptual thoughts, the more I wish I could detach and be free from them.  

How magical. 

Sometimes I ask myself: After all these sutric, tantric, traditional and academic studies, after all these struggling and difficulties, do you even really understand the so-called simplest teachings, the Truth of Suffering for instance? Do you really have a sincere wish to be liberated? Do you really have renunciation, let along bodhicitta, devotion and pure perception?  

Or, if you are just wasting your time and pretending that if you cover your eyes, you wouldn’t need to die, and samsara would stop being painful for everyone?  

I ask myself, what is the point if I still easily get angry when others criticize me, and easily feel happy when others praise? What is the point if I claimed that I’m studying something, but in the end do not even know what this “something” really is? What is the point that I talk about the highest teaching of “letting go”, but secretly do not even want to look at the fact that I secretly don’t want to let go? 

In order to show us what “ It “ really is, many fantastic and mind-blowing sutric and tantric teachings, as well as pedagogies and study methodologies have been provided. What has touched me deeply is this simple story: 

In the solitude, Lama and student meditated in their retreat caves.  

Once in a while, they met each other.  

Lama sat on a rock, and said: “The precious human body is so difficult to obtain” 

One thought on “The Magical Simplicity 

  1. Beautifully and simply expressed. Thank you. I draw strength from believing this struggle, though happening at different levels, is universal.

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