Some words for the final of MA-Prep 

-Renfeng Zhou, MAPREP student from China

This is my last semester in RYI’s MA prep program. I learned quite a lot during these two years. It was not that easy if I wanted to learn Sanskrit in my former environment. However, when reading and translating the Tibetan texts, we often encountered the Sanskrit transliteration in Tibetan characters. Learning Sanskrit is one of the original reasons that I joined Rangjung Yeshe Institute here. I want to understand the Sanskrit words in the Tibetan Buddhist texts. However, I did not expect that I could learn so much. Last semester, when reading at the Vájra-cchedikā, since the Kumārajīva’s translation in Chinese is always expressed in a very condensed way, so even though the translation is always beautiful, there are inevitably some places difficult to understand in these texts. When I was reading the original text in Sanskrit, suddenly I got the answer to a question that had puzzled me for a long time. Such a sudden realization is really fascinating.  

Another thing that impressed me here was the BSTD class. Even I think bringing traditional Buddhism together with modern scientific method is important, I didn’t really experience such a way of study before. The manner that combines the traditional Buddhism and the modern study methods is refreshing. This makes me feel that although in RYI there is already a very good Dharma teaching system, it does not stick itself to the tradition and is still working to integrate Buddhism into today’s society. 

Hope I can learn more in RYI. 

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