Some feelings for Fall23

-Renfeng Zhou, MAPREP student from China

It is really a wonderful experience to study Buddhism here at Rangjung Yeshe Institute, where we can see students from all over the world. Since Buddhism has been practiced among the Chinese for about 2000 years, sometimes we feel that it is deeply mingled with our traditional culture, without noticing that the Buddha’s teaching really has no distinctions between regions and nationalities.

At RYI we see people from different places, with different backgrounds, working together to get a deeper understanding about the Dharma. Everyone here makes efforts to bring Buddhism into their own culture and languages. This makes me feel that as youth we are interacting with this world in a positive way.

Throughout history, people who want to spread and propagate Buddhism always face hardships and challenges, and those who succeed must have faith and devotion. In fact, as individuals, our power is very limited. However, as a whole, many things become possible. 1300 years ago, in order to resolve the doubts in his mind and increase the Chinese canon, a monk called Xuanzang travelled across Central Asia to study Buddhism in India for almost 19 years. From his biography and travelogues, we can see the difficulties he encountered. Today at RYI, we have our own aspirations, and may meet our own problems. For example, finding answers for our own puzzles; to obtain a BA or MA diploma; or else we may wish to slightly change people’s attitudes towards Buddhism through our own efforts; or even do something meaningful for Buddhism nowadays. We need to have our choices. And for me, I hope I could cherish my time here, and make effort in a way that is in accordance with Buddhism’s precepts for a practitioner.

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