RYI Flea Market 

– Gabriel Dominik Koebler, TTP student from Germany

Somehow, even if you arrive in Nepal with nothing but a single tiny suitcase, it can’t be helped that after one year, you suddenly wake up one morning to find your flat cluttered with all kinds of funny things.  So, to remedy that, a bunch of students gathered on a sunny winter Sunday near the end of the semester, in the student study area behind Utpala Cafe. They had set up a wide array of items ranging from dharma books to jewellery. Certain books and some good clothing were even offered “རིན་མེད”, for free, which brought a lot of smiles on the faces of the ALIs who happened to be among the customers. However, one of them felt that such an offer was not good for the seller, “You should charge at least 100 Rupees” and pressed a banknote into the hands of the generous seller. The ALIs brought their Tibetan friends along, who were happy to get a chance to cheaply buy european-quality products. Who hasn’t had the experience to painstakingly buy something in Bhat-Bhateni only to find it broken within one week? Aside from the good bargains, on one of the tables, among power plug adapters and old lamps, there was a surprisingly large pile of home-baked bread. Even the Tibetans liked his oven-baked bread, so it must have been good. The European students were delighted by the good bread, a true treasure in Kathmandu, and had a very European picnic of bread, cheese and fresh tomatoes at the end of the flea market.  

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