My Lhabab Düchen day and a reminder of A Pure Heart 

-Thi Ly Ly Tran, BA student from Vietnam

Lhabab Düchen – 4th of Nov 2023  

Lhabab Düchen is one of the four major festivals in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar and commemorates the descent of Śākyamuni Buddha from Trāyastriṃśa heavenly realm back to earth. Lord Buddha ascended there to repay the kindness of his mother by giving her Dharma teachings. Most people in Boudha normally attend puja in monasteries of their lineages, do personal practices such as reciting mantras, doing prostration, giving to charity, etc.. Only a few grocery stores open. The sounds of chanting from puja, the sounds of mantra are all over the place. That makes Kathmadu so special to me. The place where I get more inspired for my practice.  

A few days earlier I received an email from a Vietnamese lady who came to Nepal for pilgrimage and wanted to ask me something about learning Tibetan. She called me that morning of Lhabab Düchen, but I was in quite a hurry to go to Kopan so I didn’t answer. In the afternoon she told me that she was at the old Lakhang where Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche was also there leading a puja, so I went for the puja and to see her. The puja was about to end, but I was able to attend the dedication section. Somehow I was lucky to find a place in front of the Buddha statue, so while the monks and attendants were chanting the prayer, I had a chance to reflect on its meaning with my poor Tibetan understanding and look at the statue. I was there, peacefully. The Buddha’s image reminded me so much of his great love, great compassion, great insight and great kindness. I recalled again my wish of seeing Dharma wide spread.   

The puja came to an end and I went with her for a walk to the stupa. We had a small talk to get to know each other while doing kora. Then we went back to her hotel room which has a spectacular view of the stupa in front. We decided to have some tea and started to share our story of what brought us to the practice. It was interesting that even though I am normally not keen on chatting, I was listening to her story for almost two hours straight without feeling bored. She was telling me about her journey to go on pilgrimage to the holy places where Guru Rinpoche used to visit. It was joyful to listen to. Her pure devotion and her pure heart, a very pure nature of each and every single being.  

I was sitting there, listening and feeling… Yes, I want that, and I love that. I want to be reminded again and again of that pure nature. Be it a story or a face or an image, or even a very wrathful shouting. A feeling of nostalgia that to some extent I am addicted to. Or maybe not just me, but all of us. Isn’t it true that we do miss “home” and want to come back “home”? Isn’t it the reason why sitting in a cave without a single word can bring so much of sacred? 

It was about 11pm when I got home and I felt blessed, and I felt thankful. Someone has told me to never let go of our spark on this journey, no matter how much we learn, and what kinds of things that we do. May that spark never fade away in all beings! J 

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