See as it is, with fresh eyes. And wait for the flash.” 

-Thupten Chokey Gurung, BA student from Nepal

What is photography? Its definition could be same, but the meaning or importance of it differ according to individual. For some it could be a profession or passion and for some it could be keeping record or memory of the present moments so that they can reminisce it in the future. Photography, for me also, has always been a way to keep record of the present moments. 

However, as I am continuing my studies at RYI, I got encountered with a course,  that is called, “Buddhist Art.” This course is not only about art that anyone could think of, but also about learning photography in a buddhist philosophical way.  Even when I used to learn Thangka or take photo, I have never thought of doing it in a way of practicing as “seeing it as it is,” or “seeing through fresh eyes” or  “waiting for the flash” as Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche presents in his many books.  

As I am continuing the class, I read his articles and videos talking about arts. His views in arts and photography, is something really amazing that even his students portray in their works. And that also let me see photography in a new light. That I should not take photos of an object and never look back/ at it again that probably everyone does. Instead, I should learn to look at as it is without holding any feeling towards it, neither acceptance nor rejection. Just let it be, see it as it is, wait for the flash, and click a photo with fresh eyes. 

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