The kindness of the teacher – and that of the classmates!

-Leila Francischelli

Dus gsum bde legs ! This is how we often greet each other at class these days, as with the online schedule we gather from very different countries and time zones. For me, some classes start so early in the morning that I can see from the window the progressive change from complete darkness to a purplish pinkish orangeish colorful sky, and to a bright clear day. What a beautiful metaphor for the process of learning. How many colors and hues do we need to go through when adventuring in this unique pallet, learning skills meant to serve a sublime purpose: the benefit of all.

For sure, several challenging blurs will also appear, and that can be difficult at times. When that happens, there is nothing like the kindness of the teacher. What a good fortune it is to meet dedicated and truly engaged teachers who help us find the way, teach us how mix the colors and bring forth brightness, and who assist us so that we can “keep going”, as my Dharma teacher always said.

But there is more. We can also count on the kindness of our fellow classmates, and how incredible that is. Every quality they display works as inspiration and encouragement, and every time they make a loving face – or send a cute emoji! – at our mistakes or smile when we get it right is a priceless reminder that we are one in this pursuit and that mutual interdependence is in one’s favor.  

Gratitude to teachers and classmates, and may all be auspicious for everyone in the three times!

*dus gsum bde legs – auspiciousness in the three times

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