Bird Feeding in Nepal

During the 5 months pandemic lock-down in Nepal, I developed a habit of bird feeding. I mean, what else can you do when confining to a tiny apartment without any socialization? Bird feeding seems to be a good solution for getting some sort of interaction with any kinds of beings.  It is easy, inexpensive and […]


Parrots on the Path

If I had to pick an idea or piece of knowledge that has had a significant impact on my spiritual path over the last year, it would be learning about the existence of the avadāna (Pāli, apadāna; Tibetan, rtogs par brjod pa’s sde) genre within the corpus of Buddhist literature, both through my studies at […]

Appreciation gratitude Kindness

Stranded in Nepal

At the time of the big Gorkha Earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015, a friend of mine who was living in Kathmandu told me a story that touched me deeply and positively influenced my decision to come to live to Nepal the following year. He said that one week after the earthquake, a group of […]