Boudha, Barsaat and Pure Imagination

[Summer 2019: Memories]  This summer, I decided to end my stay at my home in Delhi, prematurely and return to Nepal before my summer holidays formally ended. I’m not entirely sure what motivated this course of action. On one level, I wanted to come back and get started on possible ideas for my thesis. I […]

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Our need for a Western Buddhist Art

Why do we need it?           Art allows the development of imaginaries that preside over the collective creation of our shared reality. It has a function of preserving the values and nurturing the potentials of hope. A nihilist art can only dissipate the last bits of humanity in us and disseminates germs of slow poison. […]

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Diving into Paradoxes and Metaphors

It has been over two years since I started studying Buddhist Philosophy here in RYI. The first thing that caught my attention was the incredible frequency of paradoxes and metaphors in Buddhist Philosophy. This first encounter was overwhelming and worrying – I had no prior experience of such a linguistic style in all my previous education, and I worried that I […]