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Nṛtya offering

Arya Tara on Khenpo Rinpoche’s 86th Birthday

Today (March 1st 2020) is Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche’s birthday. On this auspicious day, one of my secret wishes was fulfilled. Last year, I received lojong and vajra dance trainings from Ani Tsering Youdon, one of Khenpo Rinpoche’s nuns. This year, I began caryā dance training from our respected Gurju Padma Raj Bajracarya and one of his prominent students Aasna BajracaryaSince both Tibetan and Newar traditions have this practice of dance offering, I always wanted to bring my teachers together.  

What could have been a better occasion than Khenpo Rinpoche’s birthday? The entire arrangement manifested itself quite spontaneously, although at times there were nerve-wracking moments. I suppose, all such hurdles seem insignificant when everything starts to fall into place. It was a phenomenal moment when Ani Tsering-la met Aasna, both vajra dancers, in their own traditions, offering their dances on this auspicious day. At the same time, it was a profound meeting of Khenpo Rinpoche and GurjuAs Gurju’s majestic voice was elegantly unfolding the rāgaAasna’s graceful mūdras brought Green Tara to life. I’m currently learning this specific dance from both of them. I am familiar with the mūdras, but I was awestruck to witness the coordination among them, which at times seemed magical! I was sitting right across the courtyard, the makeshift stage, noticing few details. The light breeze with mild sunlight on an early spring afternoon created a perfect ambiance for Green Tara. I recorded a video and others took photos, but witnessing it in person is a completely different experience. I have been learning this dance for about a month now. As I watch my dear teachers perform, I can only begin to marvel at how much more grace and depth can be brought forth. My heartfelt thanks to my teachers, in both traditions, for their immense kindness. 

~ Moondil Jahan