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Being a natural born introvert I find it somewhat difficult to talk about myself, but I gladly take this as an opportunity to exercise some honest introspection and self-inquiry. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself reading this incoherent blabber at present, I pray that it may provide you some brief distraction or entertainment at the least.
My first year at RYI (2014-2015) was, if one is honest; a very difficult and uncomfortable experience. Having spent my entire life in the US nothing could have ever prepared me for this- Nepal is simply another planet. Personally, I find the endeavor of living and studying in Boudha very challenging; however I must admit- this endeavor has now proven to be truly worthwhile and infinity rewarding.
My experience here at RYI has really changed me allot. In merely one year; I can honestly say that I will never be the same person again and I cannot take any of the credit myself. Nepal, replete with all its indescribable beauty and insanity is a harsh and relentless teacher- an experience that will perpetually force you to face-up to all your hopes, fears and everything you’ve ever taken for granted. An experience that will continually offer you an opportunity to vividly comprehend the inherent perfection and beauty of every moment- in all of its overwhelming insanity and chaos.
The academic program here at RYI is very intense; a process that will demand your sincere interest and effort in order to succeed. Looking back at my experience last year, I realize how mistaken my approach was to full-time study. Previously, I forced myself to study in a very fabricated manner, a process that was always saturated by either hope of getting ahead -or-fear of falling behind. There is certainly allot to do and manage being a full-time student here at RYI, and if you let yourself get to serious about it all- life may may very well turn into an continual flow of anxiety, as it did for me. There is a depth and richness present within each day, every class, every assignment, every moment of experience- that simply cannot be appreciated if you get into the cycle of hope-fear living and study.
My heart-felt advice to anyone who may find themselves blown to RYI by the winds of karma; is to avoid getting into inflexible habits while living and studying here in Boudha. Don’t eat the same thing over and over again, taste everything. Don’t walk the same paths over and over again, explore everywhere. Don’t cling to familiar people and places all the time, talk to strangers and get lost for awhile. Put simply; challenge yourself to face everything that makes uncomfortable…
Anyway, I hope all of this delirious babbling is superfluous in the sense that you don’t have a natural inclination for anxiety and taking yourself and studies to seriously, like myself. If you can however relate to this and find yourself uptight and not enjoying life at present; please let-go and relax your shoulders; acknowledge just how infinitesimal your really are, and how your life is going to be over in a cosmic millisecond.

 ~Pema from USA

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