Homage to Three Jewels
May all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas live long until all sentient beings reach perfect enlightenment
The battle for life is a spiritual one.
We should be committed to saying a prayer daily for human life
The enormity of death is felt by people when they lose someone close to them
Knowledge and spirituality are often the light at the end of the tunnel in such moments
A human being who has died feels like a torch extinguished.
Life is not always freedom,
Life is worthless without compassion,
Life is what you live today and die beneath,
Life depends upon peace, emotions, and happiness,
Life is meaningless only if we allow it to be.
Religion is not something separate and apart from ordinary life
Life is what you make of it
Life is not just for enjoying; it allows you to be in any emotion, problem, sickness, death,
Every one of us takes our own path in life,
We all should know and ask ourselves: What Is Life?
All the answers are within us and we see it through our own eyes:
That is life; what we think of and what lives on until the last breath.
Life cries for a reason, but nobody knows why?

That’s LIFE.
Bodhicharyavatara: Verse 4.
This free and well-favored human form is difficult to obtain.

Now that we have the chance to realize the full human potential,

If we don’t make good use of this opportunity,
How could we possibly expect to have such a chance again?

This verse explains the wonderful meaning of human life and how it is exceedingly difficult to obtain a human life with (the eight) freedoms and (ten) endowments. When I have got the chance to fulfill the aim of humanity, if I don’t take advantage of it, how can I get this opportunity afterwards? From the moment that we are born from the mother’s womb we are getting every moment, every second closer to the end and so, not a moment to lose. We can’t think that ‘I will practice when I build my retreat hut’ and we can’t think that ‘I will practice next year’ because then everything will be wasted. So, you must do it right now when you have obtained this human body. This verse alone proves to me how important this human life is and tells me not to waste any moment.
What beautiful words the Buddha has taught and what a wonderful and understanding explanation given by the perfect teachers. So wonderful to rejoice in this human life full of dharma surrounded by all the Bodhisattvas. Those of us who are already involved in Buddhism are very fortunate and for those who are not involved may they also hear the words of the Buddha as soon as possible.
 I have been searching for my own truth and I am really wanting to know more about Buddhism. It’s been too long for the search because only monks are allowed to study in the monastery as it is. I am interested in studying Buddhism because I just want to investigate the precious words of the Buddha and am wanting to know how precious it really is. 
Suddenly, there is a brilliant door open for everybody where they can get a wonderful opportunity to study Buddha’s word, and that is such a great blessing fallen upon those of us who wish to explore the Buddhist philosophy. The place itself is a great blessing of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, where everyone can study and practice. I specially thank Rangjung Yeshe Institute members for opening a brilliant door where everyone can explore the words of the Buddha and for giving us a wonderful course to study, including the teachings under the guidance of brilliant masters.
The words Rangjung Yeshe themselves have a great meaning, ‘self arising wisdom’, which is very precious. This is something that no one can buy and only one who has achieved the quality of knowing the precious words of the Buddha is the holder of this great meaning. RYI is the best place to explore the fields of Buddhist Studies and Translation and I must say that there are no other places that enable lay people to study Buddhism in this way. RYI teachers, (both Tibetan and Western), are amazing and the students are excellent. RYI provide BA, MA and PhD programs and I am very excited to be in RYI and to get a wonderful opportunity to study under the brilliant Buddhist teachers. I am enrolled in the BA and to my knowledge; this program is the best opportunity to learn philosophy texts like the Bodhicharyavatra. Classical Tibetan is taught in both English and Tibetan and students are expected to translate into English. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in studying Buddhism in an intensive and effective way. The right place to explore is in RYI, nothing is better than this. Rangjung Yeshe Institute is a wonderful place to pursue the goal that you yourself desire.
For the sake of all sentient beings Buddha taught the precious dharma.
Dharma is everything that will lead you to the goal.
To explore the dharma one needs a field.
If you are searching for the perfect field,

Nothing is there to be worried about because Rangjung Yeshe Institute is there to share and give you what you search for.  Don’t just wait and see. Just go for it and get more and share the precious dharma.
Kuenga from Bhutan

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