Every Friday Loving Eyes…

Three years ago two first semester Rangjung Yeshe BA students (Dawa and myself) decided to set up a weekly Chenresig group practice. We chose the practice of the iron bridge building master Thangtong Gyalpo (“All Pervading Benefit of Beings”) which he had received in a vision directly from Chenresig.

Although we personally had not much hope to have a vision of the Yidam soon, we already had a vision to foster a group of dedicated Chenresig practitioners among us students. This group consisted at the beginning of only two regular participants, but quickly increased. Last semester we had an average number of nearly 10 people per practice (admittedly still somewhat short of the auspicious number 108).

We do the practice every Friday at the end of a usually tough school week. After the dedication of merit to all sentient beings we feel refreshed and reward ourselves with a mouth-watering dinner in one of the less expensive Boudhaean restaurants.

Due to excessive work load no staff-members of the Rangjung Yeshe Institute were so far able to accept our repeated invitations to join the practice. Nonetheless, I personally think, as the practice is picking up more and more momentum, it is only a question of time till also high ranking teachers and administrative people will look into ways to reprioritize their work schedule and will find a way to spend the Friday evening with us (and the compassionate Lord Chenresig).

~ Gerd from Austria

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