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I would like to congratulate the organizers of  our third student talent show this year!  It was a really impressive event. Not only did it reveal many hidden student talents, but it also inspired various local Nepali people to prove their abilities in front of a microphone. 

The highlight of the evening was definitely the mixed Nepali/Shedra-student dance performance in traditional Nepali costumes. 
Some of the musical acts were really professional and those that were not, were at least very authentic and performed in a good spirit.  For the more intellectually inclined there was also some literature and poetry reading.  

All in all it was a very entertaining evening.
Gerd from Germany

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I am SUPER happy about the way the shedra came together to help me out with this event. I plan to organize regular open mics over this coming year and warmly invite any interested participants and help in all shapes and forms.

Gerd, I've acutally showed your performance to local Malay, Indians and Chinese over here in Melaka and Singapore and they totally dug it hard. I'll be back in Boudha this month (August)…super stoked to cultivate more creative coming together in Boudha via art and music.


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