Studying in Nepal

I came to Nepal from Italy in order to study at the Shedra. I was not skilled in English, in fact it is quite poor, but my motivation was stable and complete and now that I completed already one semester I’m feeling enough satisfied. To study in Nepal in our Shedra is for me very useful: I can stay here, the original first Buddhist Place, study the complete Dharma and I can learn and start to use properly Tibetan language with the local people. I am starting to share with them their usage and tradition since in those traditions I’m feeling very comfortable. It is beautiful to interact with the other students and now I have a sufficient number of Tibetan friends so that the every-day life is satisfactory for me. I came here being not sure about the results of my studies because English is not my native language, but now that I can see directly my results, I have no regrets.
Some people in Italy were skeptic about what I was about to do, but now we all are happy.
My understanding of Dharma is greater than before and my knowledge of Tibetan starts to be meaningful so my projects for the future are essentially to become better and better in Tibetan and in Philosophy and start to translate teachings and books.

Life here is good, many problems that are found in Europe here are not present so I can apply myself entirely to study and practice and this is a rare precious situation. This Shedra can help many people to gain qualities in their life, many people can, through this University, develop and increase many good things as it is happening to many other students in this year in my classes.
Definitely I’m happy and I do not regret to be here to study, I found it as a good occasion to get useful skills and a rare knowledge.

~Marco from Italy

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